Mark’s passion for helping others is contagious and his approach is both motivating and kind. I’m so happy I met him and grateful for the consistent support!   -RYAN M



Personal Training and/or Behavior Change health Coaching

  • 5+ Years in Professional Mental Health

  • American Counsel of Exercise Personal Training Certified

  • American Counsel of Exercise Health Coach Certified

Discover how you can take your recovery to the next level through health, fitness, and wellness! 

Mark A. Turnipseed is a personal trainer / health coach for those in recovery. He is a certified, licensed, and insured Personal Trainer & Health Coach under the American Academy of Exercise. 

He has in person program in Palm Beach County, Florida and Online programs available anywhere in the US!

He is also the CEO of Integrity Endurance, a network of Personal Trainers and Health Coaches with a heart to help addicts/alcoholics.

Mark can help!

Let's Get Physical!

Personal Training by Mark A. Turnipseed




Have your workouts organized with Mark's mobile App and let him motivate and encourage you!


Mark can come to you at your home or training spot of your choice!


*Only Available in Palm Beach County, Florida


Come to the state of the art Elite training facility of FTX Wellness in Boca Raton, Florida and let Mark get you in shape and train you in a place fit for the professionals!



Health, Wellness, & Behavior Change Coaching (zoom)

Mental Health is my specialty and passion!

  • Increase motivation and ownership to making a change

  • Develop achievable and measurable goals to monitor success and motivate ongoing behavioral change

  • Develop and exploit strengths to support successful behavioral changes

Specialties include: Trauma, Shame, Self-image, Motivation, Diet, and Coming Out


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