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Mark’s passion for helping others is contagious and his approach is both motivating and kind. I’m so happy I met him and grateful for the consistent support!   -RYAN M


Allow Mark to empathetically guide you on a journey of transformation  like he and many others have taken!

A blend of Life Coaching, mental health, and personal training for optimal Transformation

  • 5+ Years in Professional Mental Health

  • 4 Years Professional Coaching

  • Sports Nutrition Specialist

  • Behavior Change Specialist

  • American Counsel of Exercise Personal Training

  • American Counsel of Exercise Health Coach

  • Wellness and Beauty expert

My program of coaching is unlike any other because it has been carefully crafted through my personal life experience, education, and professional insight. 


I never clicked with my various professions because none of them alone provide the shift needed to transform. Professionally, personal training didn't resound because I always needed to get more personal and I didn't click with mental health because I always wanted to dive deeper and more holistically. 

Therefore, I created a program that incorporates everything I have learned through education and professional experience with everything I have done to personally overcome my own challenges with addiction and mental health issues like ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression.


So if you are looking for a shift in perspective that includes fitness, Diet, Spirituality, Relationships, Self-image, and beauty then you are in the right place.     

I can help!

How It works

Personal Training

Because of the very personalized and intimate nature of my coaching I take a very limited amount of clients. Only one or two during a given month.

The first step is to realize that you will be making a monthly financial commitment to yourself with a minimum of three months commitment and then we can get to work!

The first step is to send me an email about why you want what I have to give. So fill out this email and get started today!

We will have open lines of communication via phone, email, zoom, and social media. If you are local to Palm Beach County (preferred) we will also be able to meet in person. 

Below this section of the page you will see the health and wellness and behavior change program along with the personal training program. These are only two parts of this relationship that we will create and they are really the smaller parts of what we will be creating. But let's get that email sent out and hop on a phone call to discuss it!


Now just because you want to make the financial commitment and want to work with me does not mean that I will take you as a client. I must feel like we are a good fit and like I will be able to help you. If I don't feel that way then I will refer you to other coaches or mental health providers in my network.   


Health, Wellness, & Behavior Change Coaching toward true potential

  • Increase motivation and ownership to make a change.

  • Develop achievable and measurable goals to monitor success and motivate ongoing behavioral change.

  • Develop and exploit strengths to support successful behavioral changes.

  • Create a foundation of Mindfulness and Peace.

  • Rekindle relationships with self and others by reshaping or reigniting meaning and purpose.

  • Learn to rest and relax more efficiently.

  • Become connected to a health focused diet.

Specialties include: Trauma, Shame, Self-image, Motivation, Diet, and Coming Out

Personal Training by Mark A. Turnipseed

  • Personalized program on easy to access mobile app.

  • Connecting your mind and body together to bring about better self awareness and greater consciousness.

  • Reach personal fitness goals and track your progress with social media capabilities directly from the app.

  • Learn to use your fitness as a means towards not only becoming a stronger person physically but also emotionally and spiritually

Behavior Change
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