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Kingdom Fit: Men's Faith and Wellness Coaching


Mark’s passion for helping others is contagious and his approach is both motivating and kind. I’m so happy I met him and grateful for the consistent support!   -RYAN M


Allow Mark to empathetically guide you on a journey of transformation  like he and many others have taken!

Kingdom Fit: Men's Faith and Wellness Coaching

Join a transformative journey where Mark coaches you in strengthening your faith in the Lord Jesus while harmoniously blending life-coaching, mental health guidance, and personal training, curated from Mark's rich tapestry of personal experiences, academic knowledge, and professional expertise.

Why Mark's Approach is Different

  • Over 5 years in Mental Health.

  • Personal transformation experience

  • 4 years of Professional Coaching.

  • Accredited by the American Council of Exercise in both Personal Training and Health Coaching.

  • Specializations in Sports Nutrition, Behavior Change, Wellness, and Beauty.

Mark's coaching is a unique fusion of his personal triumphs over addiction, ADHD, anxiety, and depression, combined with professional insights from his diverse backgrounds in counseling. He realized that true transformation requires an integrated, holistic approach rooted in spiritual purpose.

What to Expect

What Can You Expect?

Comprehensive coaching encompassing Fitness, Diet, Spirituality and Faith, Relationships, Self-Image, and Beauty.
Open communication channels via phone, email, zoom, and social media.
In-person meetings for those in Palm Beach County.

Ready to Begin?

Due to the intensive nature of Mark's coaching, he takes a select few clients each month, ensuring dedicated attention. A commitment of a minimum of three months is required, signifying your investment in self-growth.

Start by sending Mark an email about why you're seeking this transformative journey. Let's discuss your path forward!

Note: Mutual compatibility is essential. If Mark feels another professional might better serve your needs, he will guide you to other adept coaches or mental health experts in his network.


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My Specialties

Empowering holistic transformation through wellness coaching, personal training, and mindset mastery


Wellness & Behavior Change Coaching

Drawing from a blend of traditional practices and modern insights, Mark's holistic wellness coaching integrates elements of Ayurveda and yoga-based nutrition into a hybrid dietary approach called "Purposeful Eating." This comprehensive coaching not only fosters mindfulness, inner peace, and health-centric habits but also delves into the spiritual dimensions of wellness. Aiming to unlock your true potential, Mark offers a roadmap that guides clients through challenges like trauma, shame, and self-image. His method redefines relationships and self-worth, bridging the gap between body, mind, and spirit.


Personal Training

With a program tailored to individual goals, Mark employs personal training not just as a means to enhance physical strength but as a powerful gateway to address deeper mental health challenges. By uniting mind and body, Mark's approach aids in uncovering and confronting issues such as negative self-perception and feelings of self-disgust. Using a mobile app for easy access and progress tracking, clients can bridge the realms of physical fitness, emotional wellness, and spiritual growth, creating a harmonized version of themselves.


Mindset Coaching

Dive deep into reshaping your mental outlook with Mark’s mindset coaching. Addressing specific challenges such as motivation, trauma, and self-identity, Mark helps clients rekindle their relationship with themselves and others, reigniting a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. Through this coaching, you'll learn strategies to rest, relax, and view challenges from a perspective of empowerment and opportunity.

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