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Embracing Faith: A Journey Back to Christ

Embracing Faith: A Journey Back to Christ

To God be the glory, man! Today, I’m here to share a deeply personal and transformative journey – giving my life back to Christ. This decision has been a profound and fresh experience for me, and I hope to convey the depth of its impact through this blog.

The Struggle with "If Only"

For as long as I can remember, the idea of surrendering fully to Christ has been embedded in my heart. I knew it was a path that could bring unparalleled happiness and freedom if I could just commit. This struggle is reminiscent of my battles with weight and addiction, constantly thinking, "If only I could lose weight," or "If only I could stay sober." These "if only" moments were stumbling blocks, preventing me from fully embracing the blessings and freedoms that a life in Christ offers.

The Burden of Sin and the Pursuit of Fulfillment

Christian teachings often speak of sin as a driving force of our appetites and desires, leading us to seek fulfillment in the wrong places. Wealth, pleasure, and popularity can often become false gods, creating a void that nothing seems to fill. Despite appearances, those who seem to have it all often struggle with anxiety and dissatisfaction. This realization led me to understand that true happiness comes from a different source – one that I had been avoiding. The beautiful thing here is that God wants us to enjoy wealth and all the pleasure and popularity that our heart desires he just wants the glory to go to him. This has been my problem, until I began to see that glory to God means that his gifts and blessing pour through you. We are like a conduit of God’s love and if we let it flow and give him the glory the gifts of the kingdom, as they say, really do come upon us and the fear and burden of sin disappears.

The Influence of Givers

My perspective began to shift as I observed the lives of generous and selfless individuals. These givers, who live to help others and bring glory to God, stood out to me. Even if they aren’t preaching the gospel while doing it, they represent a spiritual axiom that transcends language and perception barriers and it keeps the world spinning. One such person is Tim Quinn, a business partner and a shining example of servant leadership. His willingness to help others without expecting anything in return was a testament to the joy and contentment that comes from living a selfless life. For these types of people it doesn’t matter what they have or don’t have because they seem to recognize that their true value comes from just being themselves and giving of themselves. The norm is to fight for what you want to put others under the bus if they get in the way. There is a small percentage of people in this world who put people in the bus rather than running them over and what I’ve noticed about these people is that they are the only ones who truly have it all and own the most successful businesses.



Facing the Fear of Surrender

Embracing faith and on a journey back to Christ is not easy. Maybe harder than the first time! Surrendering my life to Christ was accompanied by fear – fear of failure, fear of intimacy, and fear of ego. These fears, however, became challenges to overcome rather than obstacles to avoid. The fear felt like the anticipation before a race, a mix of anxiety and excitement. Embracing this fear allowed me to move forward and experience the profound changes that come with surrendering to Christ. In this way, the past 6-years of competing in Ironman Triathlon has helped me once again to level up in an area of life that I wasn’t previously confident enough to do so, the first being sobriety.

Overcoming Ego and Embracing a New Identity

My journey prior to my transformation that begun 7 years ago has been marred by addiction, struggles with identity, and societal pressures. Overcoming these challenges meant confronting my ego, which had been built over years of trauma and misguided pursuits. The ego is an internal relationship that is a very strong current and if it wants the things of trauma then it will keep creating that for the individual. It’s why abusee’s end up in abusive relationships. By surrendering to Christ, I found a new identity rooted in faith, love, and service. This new identity brought a sense of stability and purpose that I had never experienced before. It brings me a way to combat the ego that is a false identity, rooted in trauma and hurt. We all need this freedom because we have all been hurt!

Freedom from Anxiety

One of the most significant changes I experienced was a newfound freedom from anxiety. Living in alignment with Christ’s teachings provided a sense of security and peace that replaced the constant worry and fear that once dominated my life. This freedom allowed me to focus on what truly mattered – giving my testimony, spreading hope, and living a life of love and service.

The Power of Structure in Thought

Giving my life to Christ also brought structure and discipline to my thoughts. My previous struggles with anxiety and impure thoughts were alleviated by the guidance provided by Christian teachings. This structure allowed me to redirect my focus towards positive and constructive thinking, fostering a sense of inner peace and stability.

A Life of Kindness and Compassion

Living a Christ-centered life provided a reason to be kind and compassionate. This perspective transformed my interactions with others, encouraging me to spread the grace of God’s kingdom through my actions. Being kind and compassionate became a testament to the living God, creating opportunities for peace and change in the world.

The Ultimate Fulfillment

Finally, giving my life to Christ offered the ultimate fulfillment. It provided a sense of purpose, a reason to wake up every day with joy, and a framework for living a meaningful life. This fulfillment surpassed all the temporary pleasures and pursuits that had once seemed so important.


In conclusion, my journey back to Christ has been a transformative and fulfilling experience. It has brought freedom from anxiety, a new identity, and a life rooted in love and service. For those who are contemplating a similar path, I encourage you to embrace the fear, surrender to Christ, and experience the profound changes that come with living a faith-centered life.

To God be the glory, always. If you feel the call to give your life to Christ, reach out to someone who can guide you in prayer and support you on this journey. Together, we can spread the seeds of change and create a world filled with peace, love, and joy.

For more insights and support, connect with me on my Patreon and follow my journey on the Seeds of Change podcast. Let’s continue to plant seeds that will grow into a beautiful and bountiful kingdom of God.

Love you all. God bless. Have a wonderful day.

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