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Recovery-Charged Fitness 

What is it?

As Mark A. Turnipseed dove into triathlon, after his last relapse he found ways in which fitness was not only similar to, but could also compliment his own recovery.


 created the program of Recovery Charged Fitness as a way to compliment and enhance programs of recovery.

This program is based around the same principles and philosophies that drive many other programs of recovery including 12-steps.



All material herein is copyright and trademarked and full ownership resides with Mark A. Turnipseed.

Use of this material without permission for monetary gain or distribution will be punishable by law. 


Personal use, however, is encouraged. 

Recovery Charged Fitness

Recovery Charged Fitness is the recovery curriculum our coaches follow for improving health and wellness that compliments and enhances a recovery-based program.


How? Our coaches guide participants through our 4-phase model. Clients come from all sorts of backgrounds, but must be in active recovery, meaning only that you are trying your hardest to stay sober!  We pair each client with a coach based on individual characteristics that lend to a best-fit working relationship. 


Our program can be started at any time of the year and any day of the week and can be completed in the online format or by purchasing the workbook.

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