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Mark A. Turnipseed
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Presentations available:
  • Keynotes 
  • Half Day
  • Full Day
  • Multiple Day 
  • and 90-minute Sessions

In the throes of personal turmoil, Mark A. Turnipseed embarked on a triathlon journey, realizing the power of fitness not as an escape but as a means to confront his deep-seated issues head-on. This transformative realization dovetailed with his path to sobriety, where he discovered the boundless potential within himself. As he courageously untangled his internal conflicts linked to his sexuality and childhood trauma, he recognized the value of living authentically. Taking 30 years to come out, primarily driven by the fear of relapsing into heroin addiction, the discipline and resilience cultivated from Ironman triathlons played a pivotal role in his self-acceptance.

Mark's journey extends beyond the narratives of coming out or recovery. In his compelling sessions, he dissects the illusions surrounding sexuality and sobriety, emphasizing the dangers of societal constructs. Drawing from his extensive background in counseling psychology and profound life experiences, Mark crafts empowering talks to help others transcend personal obstacles. Addressing a diverse audience, from corporate leaders to students to those navigating their sexual identities, Mark accentuates the therapeutic power of wellness in overcoming life's multifaceted challenges. His enduring message? Beyond societal constraints lies the empowering world of genuine self-acceptance.



The Power of Fitness and Mindfulness

Discussing how rigorous physical activity, particularly triathlon training, can serve as a foundation for mental strength, resilience, and overall well-being.

Empowerment through Authentic Self-Realization

Emphasizing the importance of breaking free from societal boxes and harnessing the power of genuine self-awareness for holistic wellness.

Journey Through Personal Traumas

Empowerment by sharing your personal experiences dealing with self-loathing, rooted in childhood traumas, and the path to recovery and self-acceptance.

Leadership and Overcome Personal Obstacles

Drawing from counseling psychology to guide corporate leaders, students, recovery center attendees, and individuals grappling with their identities on how to navigate and overcome personal and professional challenges.

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