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Mark A. Turnipseed
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Presentations available:
  • Keynotes 
  • Half Day
  • Full Day
  • Multiple Day 
  • and 90-minute Sessions

Fitness as a Recovery Tool

In a quest to reclaim his life Mark A. Turnipseed stumbled upon triathlon. AA had just not worked and he was becoming suicidal. Ironman triathlon showed him many things including that he could no longer run away from his problems and fears. Instead, he had to run WITH them. Using the tactics taught in fitness training, he began building up the inner strength that he ultimately needed to change the course of his life, accept himself and others and.



Checking-In on Health

When Mark A. Turnipseed began to see high light, he realized that he really could do anything. Mark shares the details of his inspirational story of overcoming addiction. He explains how others can use his coaching to build new levels of health, feel less shame and anger, and become more present and aware in the relationships that matter most.



Balancing Masculine and feminine

As Mark A. Turnipseed bravely faced his addictions, he discovered that hidden shame about his sexuality was jeopardizing his life. Mark shares his harrowing story about the trauma of coming out that included suicide attempts. With clarity and deep compassion, he explains how he embraced his own truth with himself, his family, his friends, and his faith. He offers details about the steps he took to tap into his true identity and accept and love himself and how self acceptance can increase energy and performance. 


Mark A. Turnipseed is passionate about sharing experience, strength, and hope. His topics include addiction recovery, sober life, fitness, wellness and beauty, childhood trauma, and sexual Identity. In addition to public speaking, Mark is available for Radio, TV,  Podcasts, and Print interviews.


Mark A. Turnipseed is the author of two books including the Best Selling My Suicide Race: Surviving the Trauma of Addiction, Recovery, & Coming Out.

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Addiction, sexual trauma, and thoughts of suicide were three big barriers that prevented Mark A. Turnipseed from focusing on wellness.  Then, everything changed.

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The world of fitness offered Mark A. Turnipseed the tools he desperately needed to manage the trauma of addiction, recovery, and coming out.

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After 15 years of addiction, Mark A. Turnipseed reclaimed his life. What he learned about sober health is now helping others in recovery.

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