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Mark A. Turnipseed
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Presentations available:
  • Keynotes 
  • Half Day
  • Full Day
  • Multiple Day 
  • and 90-minute Sessions

Mark A. Turnipseed's journey is a testament to the transformative power of confronting one's deepest struggles. A triathlete who turned the rigor of Ironman competitions into a catalyst for personal growth, Mark's path intertwines overcoming addiction with a brave quest for self-identity. His initial coming out was significant, not as a final label, but as a step in unraveling his complex history with trauma and addiction. As his understanding of his own sexuality evolved, Mark found that identity is not static but an ongoing discovery, challenging societal expectations. Today, he empowers audiences with his story, advocating for a holistic approach to wellness and authenticity, and inspiring others to find resilience within to navigate life's multifaceted challenges.



The Power of Fitness and Mindfulness

Discussing how rigorous physical activity, particularly triathlon training, can serve as a foundation for mental strength, resilience, and overall well-being.

Empowerment through Authentic Self-Realization

Emphasizing the importance of breaking free from societal boxes and harnessing the power of genuine self-awareness for holistic wellness.

Journey Through Personal Traumas

Empowerment by sharing that you don't have to fear stepping into your trauma and deepest fears. For instance, Mark's story shows the way he viewed himself under trauma changed after the confronted the fear behind it. 

Leadership and Overcoming Personal Obstacles

Drawing from counseling psychology to guide corporate leaders, students, recovery center attendees, and individuals grappling with their identities on how to navigate and overcome personal and professional challenges.

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