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Finding Your Spark: The Path to Living Life with Purpose


In a recent episode of the "Seeds of Change" podcast, I had an enlightening discussion about the significance of purpose in our lives and how it can be the driving force behind our actions and decisions. As I walked my dog, the thoughts about how purpose had shaped my journey unfurled, inspiring me to share these insights with you.

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The Power of Purpose

My journey to finding purpose was significantly influenced by my childhood experiences and the profound impact of the book "A Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. Despite my initial resistance due to its religious context, the concept of living a life driven by purpose resonated deeply with me. It became clear that purpose was not just an abstract idea, but a necessary element for fulfillment and joy in life.

From Lack of Desire to Discovery of Drive

There was a time in my life when desire seemed absent. This void often appears after experiencing trauma, particularly in childhood. It can lead to a loss of 'spunk' or drive. For me, regaining this missing spark meant embarking on a quest to rediscover my purpose and thereby, reigniting my desire to live fully.

Finding Purpose in Everyday Actions

The quest for purpose isn't confined to big, life-changing decisions. It also appears in everyday actions and decisions. Whether it's choosing what to eat, how to exercise, or even how we interact with others, each choice is an opportunity to live more intentionally. Through my own experiences, including the challenges of dealing with COPD and overcoming addiction, I've learned that loving and understanding oneself is the first step toward a purpose-driven life.

The Role of Diet in Finding Purpose

One unexpected avenue through which I began to explore purpose was my diet. The relationship between how we nourish our bodies and our mental and emotional health is profound. When we neglect our diet, it can lead to feelings of depression and a lack of direction. This realization led me to adopt what I call 'purposeful eating'—choosing foods not based on diet trends or strict calorie counting, but on what felt nourishing and right for my body.

Purposeful Eating: A Holistic Approach

Purposeful eating goes beyond the physical aspects of diet. It incorporates an understanding of how food affects not just our bodies, but our minds and spirits. This approach doesn't rely on external expertise as much as it does on an intimate knowledge of one's own body and its needs. It's about turning inward and really listening to what your body tells you it needs to thrive.


In "Seeds of Change," I explore these themes not just to share knowledge, but to inspire action. Finding purpose is a journey that requires patience, introspection, and sometimes, a radical shift in perspective. But the rewards—joy, fulfillment, and peace—are well worth the effort.

By embracing a life guided by purpose, each of us can uncover the unique spark within and live out our fullest potential. Remember, it’s not just about finding what makes you come alive, but also allowing that discovery to lead you day by day towards your personal greatness.

Call to Action: Finding Your Spark: The Path to Living Life with Purpose

What steps will you take today towards finding your purpose? Reflect on what areas of your life feel unfulfilled and consider how re-aligning them towards your core values could reignite your passion and energy. Share your journey with us, and let’s grow together in the pursuit of a purposeful, vibrant life.

Listen to Podcast here!

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