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Life doesn’t have to be a never-ending
fight and a struggle for control. In fact,
the most powerful force in nature is water
and it attempts to control nothing. All it
does is fall into place. Over and over it just
falls into place. When it falls into place it
brings with it great purpose, sheer force,
and it’s always consistent. Where it was
dry it becomes wet, where it was thirsty it
quenches. Every time.
Our life is not much different than a
stream. Some of them have great dams and
beautiful lakes emerge. But most of the
streams on this planet don’t become big


lakes. Most of them are simple, untouched,
unnoticed, and yet they bring with them
just as much life and force on this planet as
the ones transformed into lakes.
Contrary to how it may appear, you don’t
have to control and force your life in certain
ways to make it look like another big lake.
Your beauty and your wealth-providing,
life-giving force is already there. All you
must do is learn to tap into this beautiful
stream we call life and allow it to fall into
The words on the following pages are

words that helped me to tap into the beau-
tiful stream of life and if you apply them to

your life then they may help you get there,

Beautiful Stream Called Life: a 150-day devotional

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