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21 Million Americans have at least 1 addiction!

240 Million Worldwide!


Mark A. Turnipseed
Presentations available:
Keynotes, Half Day, Full Day, Multiple Day
and 90-minute Sessions

After 15 years of battling addiction Mark A. Turnipseed discovered why multiple recovery efforts failed to help him.  


In a quest to train for a triathlon, after his last relapse, he came to understand things about recovery that had never made sense before.

By confronting these fears he was able to climb atop his addictions and transform his life. Mark discovered how it's possible to tap deeper into yourself, define who you really are, and intentionally accept and love yourself.  

Now a coach, speaker, and the author of My Suicide Race, Mark offers hope for anyone who struggles with the shame and self-hatred that fuels addictions. He also works empowering those in recovery to grab a hold of their life through fitness and wellness to reach new heights in recovery.


Mark's topics on recovery include:

  • Fitness as a recovery tool

  • Using Social Media to Support a Healthy Life in Recovery

  • Recovery and Coming Out

  • Shame, Self-Hatred, and Recovery

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MEMOIR. Available in paperback, e-book, and in bulk. 


My Suicide Race 
Winning Over the Trauma of Addiction, Recovery, and Coming Out 

by Mark A. Turnipseed

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