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Don't Give Up: 2 Tricks

No room for giving up...

I hated to be in team sports because the other guys were always yelling at me and each other to keep going. That type of encouragement just never set well with me and over the years although I learned to use it, it caused more harm than good.

When I first started triathlon I figured this was the way I needed to talk to myself. Yelling at myself to not give up, telling myself im a failure if I do give up and feeling bad if I did. All this did was drain my energy.

What I've found works best for me, these days, is to look for miracles and things that are going to fill me with wonder. I remember being a kid and always having so much energy and I remember that energy coming from my wonder in the world. So, I've found two ways that fill me with wonder.

Don't give up: 2 tricks that work for me to get through Ironman triathlon and over tough life challenges, like addiction.

1. Look Within at the Miracle YOU are:

I'll look at things within myself, like the miracle of my body working, performing whatever it's doing and how it's such a miracle that only 6 years ago I was an overweight addict!

2. Look at the miracle and wonder that life is:

Maybe I'm in too much pain to see the miracle of the body or maybe I'm stuck in my trauma and I'm viewing myself as less than. If so I have found I can just feel the weather and how great the wind feels and thoughts of where it comes from fills me with wonder and awe and I end up having more power and speed in my life.

I hope this helps you when it gets hard. I simply move my head into one of these spaces and it has worked for me.

I'd love to hear your experience after you try this method and any feedback if you already do!

Mark A. Turnipseed has a quote across his back muscles and the quote reads, "There's no room for giving up when consumed by the beauty and miracle of life
Mark A. Turnipseed fitness and life quotes

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