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Integrity Endurance


Mark A. Turnipseed is the Founder of Integrity Endurance Coaching and the developer of its 4-phase model, Recovery Charged Fitness 

Mark A. Turnipseed struggled with recovery. He relapsed for about 5 years until he found the missing link: Mind and body health through fitness and wellness. 

He works to continue to grow a network of Integrity Endurance coaches to help make fitness and wellness accessible for other addicts.  


If you would like to get involved, contact Mark.


Integrity Endurance Coaching 

In 2019 there were over 1 million addicts admitted to recovery 15,300 treatment centers across the US and very few of them have fitness programs. Integrity Endurance seeks to make fitness accessible for those in treatment.


Integrity Endurance is a network of coaches and wellness professionals who have a heart for those struggling in the opioid crisis by doing what they do best: Coaching.


Our coaches are committed to providing fitness training for people who are struggling with addiction. We are uniquely different from addiction coaches. We are fitness coaches that offer a program that will 100% compliment your program of recovery! We combat addiction by delivering health, fitness, and wellness to recovering addicts & alcoholics.

Discover more information about our mission at the Integrity Endurance website. You will find details about finding a coach, as well as info on becoming a coach within this special community of fitness needs.

Integrity Charged Fitness

Recovery Charged Fitness is the recovery curriculum our coaches follow for improving health and wellness that compliments and enhances a recovery based program.


How? Our coaches guide participants through our 4-phase model. Clients come from all sorts of backgrounds, but must be in active recovery, meaning only that you are trying your hardest to stay sober!  We pair each client with a coach based on individual characteristics that lend to a best-fit working relationship. 


Our program can be started at any time of the year and any day of the week and can be completed in the online format or by purchasing the workbook.


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"Integrity Endurance is an excellent resource for people hoping to achieve good health and happiness through an active lifestyle. Mark’s passion for helping others is contagious and his approach is both motivating and kind. I’m so happy I met him and grateful for the consistent support!"

-Ryan M

"Integrity Endurance has been exactly what I was seeking, and much more. The workouts provide the challenges I need to help me achieve by strength goals, while the coaching from the staff pushes me to explore areas of wellness beyond just the physical."

-David S

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