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Mark A. Turnipseed, author of MY SUICIDE RACE, is passionate about sharing experience, strength, and hope.  He is a popular guest on Radio, TV,  Podcasts, and for Print interviews.  

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Want to interview Mark?  His interview topics
include addiction recovery, sober life, fitness, childhood trauma, and LGBTQ Identity. 

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Need a Keynote / Workshop Leader at your next event?
Mark is a professional speaker with a
compelling #1 best selling memoir praised by professionals across the LGBTQ and Recovery communities.

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Gay and Sober Podcast

Gay & Sober is a non-profit organization formed as a resource to help people in the gay community to find open arms and acceptance in sobriety and recovery. Mark is an area delegate. In this interview, Thomas gets deep into how the gay and sober group saved Mark's life when he was just coming out. 

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Queer Money Podcast

Mark joins us to share his life-long fight with suicidal ideation, explaining when he realized he was gay and why he believed that wasn’t okay. He opens up about the factors that contributed to his struggle with addictive behaviors, describing how triathlon training helped him experience self-acceptance

Rooted Recovery Podcast

Mark A. Turnipseed shares his story of hope, struggles, and mental health with one of the leading addiction recovery programs in the US: Promises.

Y.O.U. Podcast

Mark shares some difficult experiences that nearly took his life several times. His willingness to be vulnerable and face his fears has provided us with the gift of his true and authentic self--  lean in and listen to this story.


In this episode, we are joined by Mark Turnipseed. Mark is an openly gay triathlete who discusses his struggles with addiction and how sports allowed him to overcome his demons and accept his true identity.

Addict to Athlete



An Evidence Based Approach To Triathlon

Mark A. Turnipseed is a recovering addict with an amazing story of battling a heroin, drug and alcohol addiction. Through ups and downs Mark is now a triathlete. Mark’s view of triathlon and its benefits is unlike any I’ve ever heard of it and I’m excited to share it with you.


Mark led a troubled life of addiction while trying to escape who he was. Choosing to claim his true identity, saved him from self-destruction. Mark is now living his best life as his authentic self.


Triathlon Taren has long been an expert in the field of Triathlon and in this podcast he uncovers the various ways Triathlon has helped Mark A. Turnipseed to confront fears and accept his deepest truths.  

fitness dad.png

It's another powerful and emotional episode of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast this week, as I welcome Mark A. Turnipseed to the show. A father of two, Mark details his journey to sobriety and his fight to overcome addictions to drugs and alcohol. 


Recovery Unplugged had the pleasure of speaking with Mark over Zoom about his addiction and recovery, his journey as a triathlete and how he’s using his blog, entitled “Trials to Triathlon”, and his upcoming yet-to-be-named memoir, to help and inspire others battling addiction.

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OutSports is the leading publication for Gay life in the Sports world and in this article, Mark A. Turnipseed writes from his heart about how triathlon saved his life and brought him to an understanding with his sexuality. 


Mark Turnipseed is an openly gay triathlete, coach, and father.  Turnipseed explains that growing up in a Southern Baptist household in Georgia required him to hide who he was all throughout his childhood.


In this week's episode Mark Turnipseed joins the show to discuss how Triathlons became the cornerstone of his addiction recovery journey.

He used his physical fitness regimen as the center for his recovery and allowed the training requirements for triathlons to become the central focus of his new life structure.

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We talk a lot about the masks we wear in life. All the things we do to create one picture to the outside world as we try to hide who we really are on the inside.


After two failed marriages, suicide attempts, and a dramatic battle with drug addiction he finally realized his last secret had to come out or he was going to lose the battle.



Fitness coach and LGBTQ addiction recovery advocate
Mark A. Turnipseed is the author of My Suicide Race: Surviving the Trauma of Addiction, Recovery, & Coming Out.


Exercise and fitness helped Mark A. Turnipseed discover how to become his best gay self—and learn to genuinely love himself.


Addiction, sexual trauma, and thoughts of suicide were three big barriers that prevented Mark A. Turnipseed from focusing on wellness.  Then, everything changed.


The world of fitness offered Mark A. Turnipseed the tools he desperately needed to manage the trauma of addiction, recovery, and coming out.


After 15 years of addiction, Mark A. Turnipseed reclaimed his life. What he learned about sober health is now helping others in recovery.


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