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Planting Seeds of Change

Overcoming weight, depression, and addiction, I embraced a life-changing motto: 'Plant Seeds, Cultivate Hope.'

Now, through writing, podcasting, speaking, and mentoring, I spread this empowering message: Transformative healing through sport, nutrition, and mindfulness starts with one small seed.

These little seeds create profound change in personal life and business and I share my insights in podcasting and writing.

Current Projects

Plant Seeds that Encourage and Create Change

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Sponsorship Opportunity

I am actively seeking companies and individuals who align with my values and vision who would like to help spread the hope with me. If interested, please contact me directly via email

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In my darkest hours, battling weight issues, depression, addiction, and an identity crisis, I stumbled upon a technique that not only saved me but also sparked a profound transformation. This discovery was akin to planting a tiny seed in barren soil, which miraculously sprouted and thrived against all odds.

Now, imbued with this newfound wisdom and passion, I am committed to sharing my journey. My approach is simple yet profound: it's about planting the right seeds. These seeds of personal development, nurtured through sport, nutrition, and mindfulness, can blossom into a life of recovery and resilience.

As a Turnipseed, my calling is to scatter these seeds of hope far and wide. This mission permeates every facet of my life, from business endeavors to personal connections. I am on a continuous quest to learn, grow, and disseminate this message of hope and resilience. My goal is to empower others to plant their seeds of change, fostering a world brimming with healing and positivity.



Missions and Outreach

I am here to connect, to share, and to show the world the power of starting small to achieve profound change. My goal is to create mindful businesses and developments in the world that plant healthy seeds in community.


When I raise enough funds through my life's work I desire to create an educational research facility to study how the seeds of trauma can be transformed into human potential through sport.


I'd also like to develop a system whereby proceeds from my research and work give back to the research and development for healthy and organic seeds because without healthy food we are going to have a tough time in years to come!

If you want to partner up in this mission and outreach please contact me ASAP 


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Daily Devotional

Current Podcast Project

If you plant the right seeds, anything is possible

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