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Purpose, Wellness, and Growth with Mark A. Turnipseed
Becoming a Coach

Fueled by the transformation I had achieved, I chose to diverge from the mental health realm and embarked on a new path encompassing several years of personal training and health and wellness coaching. I skillfully merged my mental health insights with newfound concepts from fitness and yoga, resulting in the creation of a unique and innovative program.


Coach turned CEO

My journey then led me to establish a thriving public speaking and coaching platform. Tim Quinn, a client, who had experienced substantial personal growth under my guidance, invited me to serve as a CEO and collaborate on his skincare venture. The shared mission—akin to my fitness and wellness vision—focused on helping individuals discover purpose, health, and satisfaction through integrated mind, body, and spiritual practices within the scope of a beauty ritual. This has fascinated me for the past two years.

Embracing the ebb and flow of life, I made the decision to temporarily suspend my coaching and speaking career to nurture and cultivate this new business endeavor. As our joint effort yielded remarkable achievements, I seized the opportunity to broaden my impact through a podcast while concurrently revitalizing my coaching practice with a fresh perspective.

Current Emphasis

While I remain dedicated to working with individuals, my current emphasis extends to fostering growth within businesses and forging partnerships that align with the transformative power of integrated mind, body, and spiritual practices.


My Individual Coaching Program is a blend of psychological  



If you share an interest in this dynamic approach and its potential to elevate purpose, health, and satisfaction, I invite you to schedule a private consultation to explore the possibilities further.




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Mark A. Turnipseed
Mark Turnipseed's Bio
Mental Health Professional

After dedicating five years to the mental health profession in Montana, I found myself facing overwhelming personal mental health challenges. These struggles prompted me to step away from the industry and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Becoming a Best-Selling Author & Speaker

My quest was driven by a desire to unearth purpose, well-being, and contentment—subjects that had remained foreign to me until then. In the midst of this journey to reclaim my own vitality, I documented my experiences through a blog that later evolved into a bestselling book, garnering widespread acclaim and even reaching the coveted #1 spot on Amazon's bestseller list.

The book intimately chronicles my early life, revealing how trauma significantly shaped my worldview and led to my eventual battles with suicide. Through resilience and self-discovery, I managed to redeem myself by uncovering purpose, health, and satisfaction via an array of holistic practices spanning mind, body, and spirit.


Time With Mark

Now that you know what I do, let's chat, and help me learn about you in this free discovery call.

Hit the big blue button, schedule a time, and we will see if we align!

Empire Self Podcast

From my heart to yours

Join me on "Empire Self," where I'll take you on a deeply personal journey of transformation. Just six years ago, I was weighed down at 230 lbs, battling a heroin addiction, and facing homelessness. But today, I stand as the author of the #1 Best Selling memoir, "My Suicide Race" a successful CEO of a skincare line, a coach, and a motivational speaker.

In this podcast, I peel back the layers of my journey and share the profound insights and actions that led to my remarkable transformation. Together, we'll explore the incredible steps I took to reclaim my life and regain power over it.

It's a story of rising from the ashes of self-disgust and shame to build an empire of self that I now trust and love. Join me on "Empire Self" as we uncover the keys to personal growth, resilience, and the profound capacity for change that resides within us all.



Motivation, 365 days a year!

Daily Mantras

Through the "Empire Self Daily Actions" email program, subscribers will experience a consistent source of positivity, motivation, and spiritual guidance, empowering them to embrace personal development, wellness, and a purpose-driven life.

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